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DWTD Original News

Asgail's Updates in DWTDOriginal Dumb Ways To Die Fanon Wiki
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This post is for games, I guess.
Do you like this?
  • Yes.
  • N U .
  • I dun care, mah d00d.
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can you add Color to my Name?
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I am new to this wiki.
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i created a new template

its called wordbubbles.
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Discussion about allowing swear words

Because we need certain rules for them. The reason for the post is from a thread on bge's wall
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A list of admins to add

Christina gimme love (or something)
Grouden 562 (or something)
Love me when I'm gone
Anymoustoast (and some numbers)
Googlebutter (and some numbers)
Captain America boy (or something and a few numbers)
I love Wii party

Speaking of admins let's remove the rights of music video 123 and his socks
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Hello everyone! I'm FireFlows!
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Kevin MacLeod ~ Aces High
Kevin MacLeod ~ Aces High YouTube
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For everyone that is asking for me to add more Admins in Admin then I will be adding that soon.
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