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A list of admins to add

Christina gimme love (or something)
Grouden 562 (or something)
Love me when I'm gone
Anymoustoast (and some numbers)
Googlebutter (and some numbers)
Captain America boy (or something and a few numbers)
I love Wii party

Speaking of admins let's remove the rights of music video 123 and his socks
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Christina, grouden, Google, captain America, white and Wii party are obvious as they appear in our admin template and white has been kinda active recently. To find the anymoustoast guy, he messaged me on my wall during December (it's the last or 2nd last page on my wall I think). Love me when I'm gone commented on the rules page.
Okay, understandable.
As well as minx, and 3 people who recently messaged me (one with a 9 in their username, one with a name called its mangle and one with a whale avatar
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