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Admins are special users that have access to the admin dashboard. They can create badges, change the theme designer, block, edit protected pages, etc.. This wikia is usually being an admin so this is the most common group for users. Admins are very overpowered and have almost access to everything. Here are the list of admins (WIP). You can find an admin by having their names in Comic Sans as their font names.



A Key based on admin activity.

  • Inactive
  • Not Active
  • Semi-Active
  • Active
  • Very Active
  • Super Active
  • 24/7


User Status Joined Administrator since Rank Comment
CoolKarim Super Active 3/26/17 3/26/17 Bureaucreat, Administrator, Chat Moderator, Discussions Moderator, Rollback A bureaucrat who helped the wiki so much.
Cheetos8089 Super Active 11/18/16 11/18/16 Founder, Bureaucrat, Administrator, Chat Moderator, Discussions Moderator The founder who made the wiki.
Waybig101 Not Active 3/27/17 3/27/17 Administrator An admin who changed the colors.
Cannoncool234 Inactive 3/9/17 3/10/17 Administrator
Brainpop Inactive 2/28/17 3/1/17 Administrator
Bestgamerever Super Active 9/3/17 10/3/17 Administrator,Rollback,Bureaucrat,

Content Moderator,Chat Moderator,Discussion Moderator

An admin who makes paintings.
CheeseRoxTheWorld Active 4/1/17 4/1/17 Administrator, Chat Moderator, Discussions Moderator An admin who is very kind.
FireFlows Semi-Active 6/1/17 6/1/17 Administrator, Chat Moderator, Discussions Moderator, Rollback, Content moderator The first admin promoted in June 2017.

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