Hello, Welcome to Be an Admin Wiki! The only wiki that promotes you to admin with no goal! You can use this wiki to simply have fun with admin rights, or to train for being an admin.

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The wordbubbles template is now part of the wiki

Admin Of The Month

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November 2017's admin of the month is...


Not much is currently known about this admin.

Previous AOTMs

October 2017: ChristinaGrimmieLove

September 2017: Amir9999990

August 2017: Cheetos8089

July 2017: FireFlows

June 2017: CheeseRoxTheWorld

May 2017: Bestgamerever

April 2017: CoolKarim

Admin Of The Year

The voting will start in December for Admin Of The Year 2018.

Recent activity from admins

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