Bad examples

User with 0 edits


Music video 123 or his socks.


User with inappropriate username

0 edits/blocked

cr4zyn00bs or anyone else blocked

unblocked without discussing with the blocking admin

another admin

blocked/didnt violate the rules

blocked user with admin rights

not asking a bureaucrat to remove their rights/blocking them


not issuing a warning/blocking them (except sockpuppet or COPPA rule)


not blocking them/blocking them for inaccurate period of time

extra account used to get over a block

not blocking them

sockpuppets or underaged

issuing a warning

wikia,wikiabot, or default


Good examples

A user with 0 edits

Not blocked.

Music video 123 or his socks


A user with inappropriate username

Blocked/1 or more edit.

cr4zyn00bs or anyone else blocked

Unblocked/given permission.

Another admin

Blocked/violated the rules.


blocked yourself for testing

blocked user with no admin rights

make sure to ask a bureaucrat to remove their rights so they wont unblock themselves


warning issued/blocked


violated COPPA rule or sockpuppet/blocked with no warning


blocked for accurate period of time(e.g. 10 years old/blocked for 3 years)

underaged or sockpuppet

blocked with no warning

wikia,wikiabot, or default

not blocked

extra account used to get over a block


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