The Chat Rules are rules for the Be an Admin Wiki Chats.



  • Profanity is a big rule to the chat. No swear words. Only mild words or low level profanity like "hell", "damn", "piss", "retarded", and "crap" are allowed. "Stupid", "Sucks", "Freaking", "Frikin", and "Idiot" and more are not swear words as they are disrespectful words but they are allowed. Anyone who swears in the chat will be kicked. If they swear again, it is a chat ban.


  • If you are under 13, then you do not have permission to reveal your age or even come to the chat. If you reveal that you are under 13, then you will receive a chat ban and also a block until you turn 13.


  • The chat is meant to be fun. The behavior must be appropriate. If you are acting too immature, then you will be kicked for immaturity.


  • It's alright to talk in non-proper grammar in the chat (or necroposting). Just make sure to type words that other users can read.


Vandalism is not allowed in the chat. Vandalism includes typing random characters or spamming and also chat flooding. If you vandalize, then it's an instant block.

But the most important rule is, HAVE FUN!