• You really helped the wiki a lot. At first I didn't know much coding so this was a simple boring wiki before March 26. We had no colors, no pages that help admins, not much active users (except for me and Bestgamerever and he was inactive after a few weeks), not much templates, and the thing was basically dumb ways to die wiki (it's all MV123's fault). Then I let you add achievements and I was amazed at how well you were with them. You then added better categories, better stuff to pages, better templates, fixed the warning template, waybig changed the colors but you kinda helped with that too, and way many more. I promoted you to b-crat because of how helpful you are. You made a big change to the wiki and I'm so proud of you. You still have to maybe help with the Rules/Examples page a lil bit. Or maybe we can delete it and just keep the examples we have now. Your choice tell me below. Anyways you highly improved the wiki.

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