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  • I live in Florida, USA
  • I was born on April 6
  • My occupation is contributing wikis, gaming, watching YouTube vids, and more
  • I am male
  • Bio Hi people I'm a user on wikia. I joined in September 2016. I'm the founder of my wiki called be an admin wiki.
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  • Cheetos8089

    Hi there. I feel like discussions kinda suck and I want forums. I saw in the Mario wiki that it was possible to switch as a user wanted them so an admin there contacted staff to switch. I think it's possible to do the same. But I need CoolKarim, BestGamerEver, CheeseRoxTheWorld, and Amir999990's opinions.

    If your name wasn't included but you want to vote, comment below.

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  • Cheetos8089

    Hello there fellow admins. In this blog post, you can comment below if we should change anything about the wiki or make a new idea. CoolKarim made a blog post about this but it was in March or April 2017 so I made a new one.

    UPDATE 1:

    UPDATE 2:

    UPDATE 3:

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  • Cheetos8089

    Hi guys. Last blog post about swears wasn't much as I only allowed "ass" or anything with "ass". But recently, I found this video on YouTube ( that changed my thinking. I watched it and thought we should allow cuss words. Maybe you should watch it and come back (that's my reason to allow it). This can teach admins to not cuss in wikis that don't allow it, but it's ok for wikis that do. They're honestly just words. It can be offensive if you use it as an insult or a racist word. But if not (ex: "oh s*it I screwed up the template") I don't get it. Also if underage kids read this, they probably know the words and know not to cuss. However, we will update by allowing words from probably the dumbest med…

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  • Cheetos8089

    Because it sucks at the template testing page. I will try it here along with the warning template to help

    Written by

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  • Cheetos8089

    I just read this post ( and it affected my thinking. Should we allow swear words or not? I'm not sure. It's kinda up to you guys to decide. I think it's ok to add them. I get why racist words are bad but the others aren't much. I mean come on. I suggest to go there and read the entire thing then come back. SPOILTER ALERT here's some things people said from there: "saying s*it is no different than saying crap or poop" another said "I spend most of my free time thinking why *ss is a bad word".

    I'll need a response from:

    • coolkarim
    • bestgamerever
    • cheeseroxtheworld
    • fireflows

    If you can't respond, I'll have my sister or one of my friends take your …

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