I just read this post ( and it affected my thinking. Should we allow swear words or not? I'm not sure. It's kinda up to you guys to decide. I think it's ok to add them. I get why racist words are bad but the others aren't much. I mean come on. I suggest to go there and read the entire thing then come back. SPOILTER ALERT here's some things people said from there: "saying s*it is no different than saying crap or poop" another said "I spend most of my free time thinking why *ss is a bad word".

I'll need a response from:

  • coolkarim
  • bestgamerever
  • cheeseroxtheworld
  • fireflows

If you can't respond, I'll have my sister or one of my friends take your place as I ask them in real life

edit: we now allow sh*t, sh*tbag, sh*thole, *ss, *rse, *sshole, *rsehole, and dumb*ss without being censored