Hi guys. Last blog post about swears wasn't much as I only allowed "ass" or anything with "ass". But recently, I found this video on YouTube ( that changed my thinking. I watched it and thought we should allow cuss words. Maybe you should watch it and come back (that's my reason to allow it). This can teach admins to not cuss in wikis that don't allow it, but it's ok for wikis that do. They're honestly just words. It can be offensive if you use it as an insult or a racist word. But if not (ex: "oh s*it I screwed up the template") I don't get it. Also if underage kids read this, they probably know the words and know not to cuss. However, we will update by allowing words from probably the dumbest media wiki I ever read (no offense) that aren't bad words like "douchebag", "jerk off", "goddamn(it)", ect. Let's do a poll. Voting ends at 4th of July.

Should we allow swear words?

The poll was created at 20:06 on June 21, 2017, and so far 8 people voted.

Which one did you pick. And why did you pick it? Tell me in the comment section below

Credit goes to the youtuber who made the video so I can understand.

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