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Hi it's me cheetos8089(the founder) Cheetos8089 (MCE)    Cheetos8089

CoolKarim was here.  CoolKarim (MCE) Mario2  22:25, September 21, 2017 (UTC)  

  1. REDIRECT Template:CoolKarimSignature

Hi it's me Bestgamerever(An admin) Bestgamerever (MCE)    No name

all we had to do was follow the damn train CJ. Bestgamerever (MCE)    No name

Cheese Is Delicious & Rox The Universe. All those who disagree will get mullets! Whoop-dee-doo!-Cheesie 21:20, May 14, 2017 (UTC)

smoke weed everyday Bestgamerever (MCE)    No name MEC

USMC beep bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbEEEEEY54erkudshxzsjzxujkewmsd


Don't undo anyone's edit if it doesn't violate the rules (XD it says it up there) Cheetos8089 (MCE)    Cheetos8089

I added this cuz I was bored  Cheetos8089 (MCE)    Cheetos8089

fish fish fish fish fish.enough of yur Bestgamerever (MCE)    No name

xddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Bestgamerever (MCE)    No name

o hello there fellow admins  FireFlows (MCE) 

my order in mcdonalds(cheese)

ill have 2 number cheese,a number cheese large,a number cheese with extra cheese,a number cheese,two number cheese,one with cheese and a large cheese.  <b>Bestgamerever (MCE) </b> <b>  </b>No name

CheeseRoxTheWorld's space to edit

So she can become a bureaucrat. This part was written by Cheetos8089  <b>Cheetos8089 (MCE) </b> <b>  </b>Cheetos8089 HAHAHAHA I have my own space! Out there be aliens in this dark space! So cool m80. Cheesie 06:18, June 24, 2017 (UTC) It takes 100 years to turn 100. It takes a lifetime to count to a billion. It doesn't take over a minute to write a small blurb on the Vandalism free page. It's always the littlest things that matter most. Cheesie 05:11, September 21, 2017 (UTC)

Attention evry1

i am still able to edit dis wiki until the evning(the time i go on a vacation)  <b>Bestgamerever (MCE) </b> <b>  </b>No name


A mom flew over the giraffe's birthday cuase she was happy about being sad that nobody trimed her non-existen mustache from way above the small but large hill that is actually a tiny house Template:Amir999990signature (oh yay a broken template,neat ^-^)

Access denied
Hello there! It seems as if you have violated our guidelines. Due to this fact, I have decided to issue you an official warning.

If you violate the Rules again (which is called defiance), you'll get blocked for several days or infinite time (forever) and your admin rights will be removed if you have them. This is your first warning.

You're not going to be blocked now though. Just please don't violate the rules again,or else you are going to be blocked.

— From, the be an admin wiki admins.

Note:I have added it because i was bored. <b>Bestgamerever (MCE) </b> <b>  </b>No name

SB13579's private(ish) space

SpongeBob13579: Hi

Well,since this a Vandalism-free page,i can enter a private space.Ahuhuhu.Btw,your mini-fridge is low on ice-cream -Sincerly,Amir


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